Sunday, June 07, 2009

Very Random

It's June! I was about to type "May," but then's not anymore. The highs are still only in the 70s this week, but it's still enough to make me start sweating. I hate sweating before I even get hot. Grr...

My theory that Japanese people have a lower body temperature is still standing. My main teacher at school regularly closes all the windows in the room during class even though I rather enjoy the breeze because she's cold and I'm hot. I don't understand how we can have such a temperature difference though. Probably no more onsens for a while. Boo.

I realized that when I went shopping a lot before they were all winter clothes, so now that it's hot again I need to shop for cool clothes I can wear.

Ugh, I'm seriously not looking forward to the heat wave coming.

Last night a bunch of us rented a hotel. You're only supposed to have two people in there, of course, but 8 of us snuck in and had a regular party. It was pretty fun. We got the biggest room, and there was a fish tank and an absolutely enormous tv and the whole place was black granite and mood lighting and gaudy and awesome. There was even a huge jacuzzi three or four people could fit in at one time, and a tv for it, too.

Today at the convenience store I saw pencils with little plastic lids on them so you don't get the points broken or anything else dirty.

Today we went to the recycle shop and bought a couple of tents and we are going to go camping on the beach next weekend. I'd much much rather go to the mountains, because I don't really like beach camping all that much, but whatever. Ew, sand, gross.

Yesterday there was an international festival at the college, and so I had potato and egg tacos served by the Americans, and some tandoori chicken from the India booth, and my French friend sang a song, and there were little old ladies dancing in kimonos, and it was very cute.

That was an all over post. Oh well!

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