Monday, June 08, 2009

Random Pictures from the Last Couple of Months

The Rock Splitting Cherry Tree in front of the courthouse right by where I live. It's pretty famous. But it was only in bloom for about a week or so.

At the park at night with Elizabeth and Yuka, during cherry blossom season.

We couldn't figure out what this was for, at all. Some statue in front of a rest stop in the country.

The view of Osaka at night as seen from atop the ferris wheel which was atop the building. I went there in early May.

In Morioka, oftentimes the bullet train from Tokyo will split into two separate parts, with one going west and the other going north. This is what they look like when they're connected before they turn into two littler trains. But, they are still very very large trains.

The rice paddy by my school.

A thirty dollar mango. And a thirty dollar cantaloupe. I haven't figured this out either.

Normal Ramune, as you can see, is in the middle. But the bottom, brightly colored bottles are wasabi, fried octopus, kimchi, and curry flavored, from left to right.

I bought a star mold at the dollar store I was so excited about, I went right home and made star shaped eggs and had to take a picture. Maybe next it'll be star shaped pancakes. Yum.

This was right when we got to the hotel last weekend. This is the lounge area, and the couch curves all the way around. It was pretty swanky, even though this picture only shows the boring area. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Kimbo - great pictures!! so interesting and different :). Missing you a lot and still working on dates for our visit. Don't know why, but getting the dates to work is VERY complicated. I just keep saying "I'm open" :)


Vanessa Rogers said...

who knew you could make star shaped eggs! That is so cool!