Friday, May 22, 2009

Since the last real post...

...about a month and a half ago, I have:

Went to Akita with my school
Danced with Warabi-za
Learned a kinda sorta traditional Japanese dance
Gotten naked in the onsen with one of the Warabi-za girls
Stayed at the hotel with the school
Picked up trash around the lake with my students
Bought hot coco for one of my students when she twisted her ankle in PE
Got new students
Taught them the alphabet
Got new teachers
Got a new desk
Got pink eye
Went to a Japanese ophthalmologist
Saw cherry blossoms
Bought new contacts
Had Jesse and Richard come visit
Went to Osaka for vacation
Saw Richard
Went to Tokyo for vacation
Saw James and Kirby
Got in a fight with a friend
Got over it
Called my mom
Got hit on by Australians at the club, thought they were really gross
Went to the Australian-Japanese baseball game for the hell of it, didn't understand the scoring
Went to a hookah party
Talked to one of my sisters
Made dinner with friends a few times
Cleaned my apartment like whoah
Found out the war in Sri Lanka is over


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Anonymous said...

Kimbo, well that's different and funny. But it does tell the story. Jenn is here this weekend, yea, and we will try to talk about scheduling our trip :)