Monday, February 16, 2009


Yep, we had an earthquake yesterday! It was my second one, ever. I've been with other people before where they felt it, but I didn't, and when we went to Sendai apparently there was a big one that I slept through. But this one I was awake for. I was sitting on my bed on the computer, and all of a sudden I felt something weird, and I heard some shaking and a low rumble. Then my upright vacuum and clothes drying rack started to shake. It was awesome.

I paid my gas bill! It was pretty late, and they sent me a letter, I think. I couldn't really read it.

Right now I can't tell if there's little tiny aftershocks (probably not) or if I'm feeling weird because my kerosene heater has been on too long and there's no oxygen left in the room. That's more likely. I'm gonna open a window.

Today it was so cold! It was about 50 degrees a couple of days ago, which was really weird, but then it got cold again super quick. On my way home today, I walked down the little narrow street when it was normal (not icy), went in to get my gloves and kerosene tank to take it to get filled up at the gas station, and about 10 minutes later when I was walking there the road was frozen over. Then on the way back it was careful steps. Quick!

On a side note, Japanese people are so weird about their dogs. A friend of mine showed me a picture once she had taken on her camera phone of a guy that had put his dog's front legs up on his hips behind him, so the dog was leaning on him from behind and they were walking together. She had no idea why. There's also a guy walking his dog sometimes that I see, and the dog is so old and sad that they guy has a special sling for him, and he practically carries him everywhere suspended from the stomach. It's nice, I guess. I've also seen a little old lady wipe at the sidewalk with tissues after their dog does their business while the little old man wiped the dog, and one time I even saw a guy holding out sheets of newspaper so nothing would touch the ground, heaven forbid! I think these dogs have lost all their dignity.

That was completely unrelated. I don't know why I thought of that all of a sudden. Oh well!

I might go skiing again this weekend. I want to be good at it, but thinking of last weekend and how hard it was and how I almost cried and my muscles hurt so much and I had a bruise the size of a cd and the color of iodine on my leg for a week and a half afterwards makes me not want to go. But I will. *deep breath*


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbo, it's your dad.... :)
Earthquake!! Well that's something that I've never experienced. I guess you weren't frightened?? Hope you go skiing, that sounds like fun to me. I've got a picture that Aunt Peggy made for you and I will send you a copy of GD's memorial service soon... Missing you a lot, but it sounds like things are doing well with you.. Love

J-Gro said...

Hi Kimbo! That's funny about their dogs! I only wipe Tiggy's butt in emergencies, hahaha :)

Did you go skiing?? I'm so jealous that you get to! I hope you do! Then you'll get good and I'll be even more jealous, sigh. I know what you mean, though, it's a daunting prospect, huh?