Friday, October 24, 2008


I got a slip in my mailbox when I got home that I had a package coming. So I called the number, and talked to them in Japanese, and they thanked me for calling but I had no idea what was said. But a few minutes later a guy came and it was my Mavala Stop that I had ordered from!! Now I'm wearing stuff so I won't bite my nails anymore ever yay!!!!! I'm so excited. I just put it on a minute ago and I can type already because I'm typing on little nubs, and there is no way that it can be disturbed (but it's clear anyways.).

Today I helped the school wax the floors. Or, I took a tiny piece of scrubber cloth and along with the other 500 kids or so, we each scrubbed scuff marks off the floors with the tiny little bitty pieces. Hooray inefficiency.

Yay I'm not going to bite my nails anymore!

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Jenny said...

i love that Japanese kids have to help clean up their schools. I have to yell at my students not to litter all the time. It irks me.