Monday, April 25, 2011

More Links

I know that most of these are from Japan Probe. Sorry for the lack of variety. That site isn't as big as Japan Times, so the archives are easier to search for the articles I'm thinking of. There are a few from other sites in here, though.

The American military helped get Sendai Airport back up and running in no time

More Japanese media coverage of the US military effort

Of course the fact that the emperor and empress visited shelters is news

Apparently the workers at Fukushima aren't too happy with their protective gear

And even soldiers are scared...

With everyone gone, the animals are really really sad

Poor, poor farm animals

Some pets are lucky.

These too.
(I know I mentioned this last time, but I think it's so amazing how rescuers found a dog way out in the ocean, rescued her, and then showed her on tv, and her owner recognized her they were reunited! There was another dog who convinced her little old lady owner to take her on a walk right before the tsunami hit because she could sense it coming.)

Too bad they can't eat all the fish lying around (when I was in Otsuchi, that was one of the smells in the mix. It was mud, smoke, fish, death, and some other stuff I couldn't identify. The smell lingered for days. I did my laundry when I got back but it had gotten in the car, and my bag and everything else.)

We know that Japan shifted 8 feet, but it also sank as much as a bicycle's height in some places!

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