Sunday, April 24, 2011

Links and Info

I've been collecting a bunch of links and stuff lately. Some of these may be a little bit old, but they're all still relevant, and are the type of information I have been consuming. Please read and look at as much as you can. I hope they're organized correctly, I didn't know what categories to use. :P


The Unnatural State of Japan’s Self-Restraint

An (introspective) essay about leaving Japan

To hanami or not to hanami?

"Mayor’s Aide Tells Story of Loss, and Choice" (really sad)

“Nothing can prepare you” (part of a series)


How do Japanese journalists feel about the foreign media coverage?

And why is this even a question?

This is awesome

How visual media has shaped the reaction worldwide

“The best writing on the Japan earthquake”

This website has been getting a lot of attention

Lots of stuff! Radiation, earthquakes, etc

Radiation map

Video of tsunami hitting

Pictures of the land, pre and post tsunami, thanks to google.


Heartbreaking pictures

The island of debris. There are a lot more pictures in the top right corner navigation, such as this

Pics one month on. These are some of my favorites.

Relief Work/Rebuilding:

BBC Aid Worker’s Diary

Japanese finally like the US military!!!

It’s even on Japanese tv!

This made my heart flutter. Plus, with video!

“Lack of cars, gas stymies search for missing kin” People are actually hitchhiking in Japan now

Should people even rebuild on the coast?

Two siblings split up after the tsunami

I’m sure you all heard about this lil doggy

A couple of british teachers are staying/stayed past their contracted time to help

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