Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Moving...

Whew, I thought I would be in Yokohama by now.

I went and picked out an apartment a few days ago. The company I'm going to be working for helped me pick out a tiiiiiny little apartment (90 square feet), but it's right by a train station and it has a fridge, closet, and air conditioning (yes, in Japan those things aren't necessarily included) and is pretty cheap. I'm going to be moving in on the 13th, as I found out this morning, so today and tomorrow I'm scrambling to take care of the rest of my business in Morioka that I've been putting off.

Today I paid the last of my cell phone bill, paid for my rent and move in fees (in Japan you have to pay all kinds of weird charges, and this added up to be about $2015. I'll explain more on that later when I have time.), said goodbye to some people, got a discount night bus ticket for the ride down, and a friend helped me make a reservation with a moving company.

I definitely plan on being in Morioka again in the near future, but for now it's crazy how long I've been here and how soon I'm leaving. I'm kinda looking forward to making a fresh start in Yokohama, though. I came to Morioka already knowing people, and in Yokohama I'll know hardly anybody (a couple of acquaintances in Yokohama, and a few friends in Tokyo, but that's it) so it'll be interesting what my life brings me. There are a bunch of things that I want to make a fresh start on, and a lot of things that I've changed about myself living in Morioka that I want to bring with me. Yay!!

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Anonymous said...

You're moved in right and have you started work? Good luck on your next "big adventure" :)
love and still missing you :>