Monday, July 05, 2010

Blue Spring

Oh, I forgot. Another cool thing that happened today.

During the lunch break (recess, kinda) I got bored of sitting in the teachers' room so I went around the school on a walk as I sometimes do. I ran into my four of my favorite students (I know, I shouldn't have favorites. But it's hard!) sitting around talking in the hallway, two girls, and two boys, all of them friends. I asked them what they were doing. This was Japanese and English. I'm piecing this together from my memory. It wasn't actually as cheesy as it sounds, either; these are real kids, not actors in a laundry detergent commercial.

Me: Whatcha doin?
Them: We are talking! About....seishun!
Me: Seishun?
Them: Uh..."blue spring"!
Me: Ohhhh, I see.
Them: What, you understood what that phrase means from that strangely translated English wording?
Me: No. I have no idea. Are you gossiping?
Them: Yes! No! (I couldn't tell.) We are young. We have a lot of love and passion, and we put our hearts into everything we do because we still have energy.
Me: Yeah, I'm tired all the time. I'm a boring grownup.
Them: That is why we are talking about seishun. Seishun is trying hard at everything you do, and having lots of spirit.
Me: And you're talking about that?
Them: Yes.
Me: Huh.

It was weird.

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Anonymous said...

Kimbo, glad you a posting again. Makes me feel like everything is OK ;) funny Daddy!! I didn't check for a while bc there were no new posts....