Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hong Kong, Part II

Good lord, I uploaded the pictures backwards. Ok, we'll go backwards; deal with it.

So, here's my last night in Hong Kong. Claudia took me to this AMAZING Mexican food place on a hill. I ate everything. You can see the queso in the corner.

And, my excitement before I ate everything. OMG enchiladas.

This tea place by Claudia's house on my last day. I didn't know what kind of tea it was, so I just ordered some, and they gave me this opaque black liquid in a ceramic bowl. I was expecting oolong, or something. This tasted like molasses without the sugar, if that makes sense. I got the "4 flavors" tea, but they had stuff that was supposed to cure the flu and all kinds of others.

A printing press run out of a tiny storefront.


The Central-Mid-Levels Escalators. These were looooong. But it wasn't one continuous escalator, more like a series of moving sidewalks on an incline. I got to these after wandering around the cheap antiques district for a while. I hadn't walked so much in a long time. If I saw a place I recognized, like a sign pointing to the station or something, I purposefully walked in the other direction. I think I was out for about 6 hours on this day. So these escalators were a welcome break.

I think this is against the rules. I took a video of people staring at him work, too. Everyone walking by would slow down and stare. I took this from the escalators, and so there was a level underneath us, and so the people below this guy had no idea what was going on above their heads. I watched him for a long time, and he seemed so sure of himself. I left when I started to get dirty looks from him telling me to go away.

Going in reverse time, to the antiques district. This was outside a temple, I think. The firemen were just working on this for some reason. I went inside the temple for a little bit and they had incense hanging from the ceiling, and there was a sign for a fortune teller but he wasn't there right then so I left.

The antiques shops had a lot of variety. I didn't buy anything, because then I'd had useless Hong Kong antiques that sat on a shelf and did nothing but look pretty. I was also kinda uncomfortable because I could tell the sellers had much less money than the Western shoppers with their backpacks and fanny packs and sunglasses and tank tops.

Made out of ivory. There were also a lot of these high end shops, selling all kinds of old statues and sculptures. I snapped this, and then saw a No Photography sign right after. Whoops. I also saw an old money store, and they had a one trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe.

Now we're at my morning. Here are some traditional Chinese foods stores, selling swallows nest and such.

The night before that. This is an empty lot by Claudia's house. Totally creepy.

More PSAs. This says "Pick Your Friends Wisely" and "Don't Do Drugs," I think.

Before heading down that road, we went to the light show (previous post). After the light show, we walked around the ritzy neighborhoods. I went to H&M (soooo happy to be in a country that stocked my sizes!) and we wandered around. At every store they had these security guards standing right in front of the doors. There were lots of ethnic families with little boys in suits, shopping with their mommies, too. It was weird.

Yeah, this was the shopping center.

That was quick. I'm sorry. I've been feeling ADD-ish lately. I think it's because I'm getting so excited about my family coming.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and stories!! We're so excited about our trip.
Be Cool (don't worry it will be fine:) I know you're nervous but no need, I promis. No matter what, we'll have a great time.