Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kids are funny.

Today is a diet update. I gotta go to bed soon.

First of all, remember how I said I had a leaky ceiling and so I got a cake for it? Here's a picture of it. It looks like she went out in the cold to a specialty shop specifically to get me a cake. But there are chestnuts on it! Delicious! One thing I would like to point out about Japanese roll cakes is that they shave off the cooked outer edge before they roll it so that you don't have an 'unsightly darker line in the middle' or something. I thought it was weird. But this cake was delicious.

Also on desserts. Sometimes outside of the grocery store there's a stall with an energetic old man selling these. They are delicious. They're like pancakes wrapped around sweet bean paste. Yum. I know, it looks gross.

Sometimes I hear my kids say things like, "Oh, yeah, cereal! I've heard of that!" and if we were to show them the cereal aisle they might go into shock. But if we were to show an American the ramen aisle, well....

Here's a random pretty picture.

Here's another random picture. I thought this was so Japanese, but I didn't want to take it while being too obvious. There are two people at the bus stop, one is a high school student on his cell phone, I think, and the other is a 20 something girl squatting down smoking a cigarette in her faux punk clothes. For some reason squatting is seen as rebellious, and there are all these images of young good for nothing ruffians squatting in public places.

And more kids work.

Methinks they copied, huh?

This last one says "Does Obara Ken like athlete's foot?" "I don't know..."
(The last week another kid had written "Does Obara Ken have [athlete's foot]?" "Yes, he does." I translated it for them and then this one came up.)

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Vanessa Rogers said...

the lack of variety cereal is very sad to me.