Saturday, September 19, 2009

Foreigners in Japan

Related to my post last night, I just found these youtube videos on a blog about Japan.

The first two are slightly serious but entertaining. They're from a show hosted by Beat Takeshi (the guy from Kikujiro, and the one that has the crazy game show where people have to run through a Mario-land-type obstacle course) talking about their perceptions of Japan. The first clip has some good points that I wish were talked about more, about internationalization and stuff.

The next one was a good point from the Vietnamese lady, I thought, about the proliferation of porn, but after that were two Americans who were a little overdramatic about the sexual harassment. Maybe they've seen something I haven't, but whenever I've encountered it here, I usually just brush it off and don't bother caring, because I think that here, men aren't aware that what they are doing would be considered harassment in another country. Although I've never had a man touch my leg as she said.

The last one was hah-lariously cute, with two kids of a celebrity encountering a foreign "customer" when left in charge of a shop for the show. I love how much they try to be helpful employees.

I do go back and forth in Japan. Sometimes I love it here, like when I went to the festival last week (pictures of that later) and see all sorts of traditional stuff. But other times I can see things that are crazy, like being asked if we have pencils and math in America. For the most part I'm aware that I'm in their country, and the differences are usually pretty much my little dose of daily entertaining.

I just did my laundry, and I need to shower and clean my room and pack and go on vacation! Whee!


J-Gro said...

ha! those were great. that looks like a cool show

Elizabeth said...

Those videos are so great. Wow they make a good point. I really see what you mean I think from all three, good points! the little kids are really really funny.