Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Last Day

Today is the last day of the Sansa Festival. If you need refreshing, one year ago I posted pictures on this blog. I'm about to go hang my laundry up, take some medicine for my runny nose, and go watch. And because this blog is so short on words I will leave you with this:

Guess who!! :P


Anonymous said...

I know that girl!! What's the Japanese term for gringa?

Anonymous said...

I really like these recent posts. Thanks so much for sharing!! Are you (yes I guesed it) in a parade? Where is everyone else or was it a one person parage? :) Missing you and very proud of my little girl.

Elizabeth said...

Kimber, that's such a great picture!! I'm glad you posted it! :) I emailed the whole family the dates and info you gave me from talking about coming to JAP, so we are working on buying our tickets :)