Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last week was summer vacation. I wasn't really looking forward to it, because I didn't have any plans because I was poor because I sent money home because I had to pay off students loans. Mostly I slept until the afternoon and did nothing when I woke up. I did go to a museum once, though.

Today was the first real day of my new school. I don't know what to think of it yet. The first time I went to make sure I knew where it was a kid introduced himself as Michael Jackson, which I thought was hilarious. The second time I went to introduce myself everyone seemed really nice and bubbly. Yesterday was relaxing and getting to know the school and stuff, and the Vice Principal is a short little man who walks around in a lab coat and is really nice. But then today was the opening ceremony, and kids kept on having to go to the nurse's room because they were weak or faint or whatever from the heat, and they didn't do their school cheer nearly as loud as my old school, and the school song was long and slow instead of fast and lyrical. Also, I got to school five minutes earlier than I did yesterday, and my head teacher said it was a good time to come, and then the Principal said in English, "You weren't in time [sic], so I thought you had gone to your old school by mistake." Uhh, what? Why would I do that? In time for what? I was early! I was so confused. Then he came to watch my first class (I'm out of practice! for realz!) and it made me really nervous and then he yelled at a kid who was acting up so that the whole room went quiet. Later the main teacher was describing it to the other teachers, in a 'those damn kids' kind of way, and they asked me what I thought about the principal yelling at a kid on my first day and I told them that honestly I hadn't had any idea what was going on to begin with so I didn't really care that much. But it actually had made me really nervous.

One thing at my old school I noticed was that the kids said hello all the time when you were walking down the hallway. A teacher and I could hardly hold a conversation because we would keep on having to say hello to the students. At first it had really weirded me out, and then I noticed that if kids weren't doing it enough the teachers would discipline them, so I realized it was a part of the school spirit stuffamajig. I thought it was annoying then, but this school doesn't seem to emphasize it and that made the hallways feel unnaturally quiet. If I would say hello to a student they would nod their head shyly.

I'm hoping that as soon as the kids get over the shock of having a white girl walking around the hallways they'll loosen up a bit more. Then I'll be able to get to know their personalities and it'll all be good. Actually, today if I saw a kid's shirt untucked I didn't say anything, because I felt I'm too new. But I did see a kid's shirt untucked that I had taught for the first time earlier that day, so I told him, and he was very surprised. He said, "How did you know that's the school rules?!" or something. Magic! Haha. That was really funny I thought.

I did notice though on the way home today, that I really miss my old school. Tomorrow is their opening ceremony, and I would love to go visit, but I don't have a reason really and it would be weird I think. I think my emotions are delayed, because I didn't feel sad when I left, but now I feel sad that I'm not seeing the kids regularly anymore. Boo.

Tomorrow I have four classes (four self introductions! Blah.) so after that I'll be able to tell 160 more kids to get themselves in line, and then I'll get to know them and we can joke around and have fun and stuff.

I've had a side stitch for the past couple of days even though I haven't been running. Although I did do Billy Blanks, but that was a week ago. That guy is hard! It wasn't as bad today; maybe it'll be gone by tomorrow.

/stream of consciousness

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Elizabeth said...

haha I love the word Bleargh! It does remind me of the word Jennifer made up once upon a time (foofy) hahaha