Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lots of Pictures Update

I'm gonna have to break this down into two posts, because I have so many dang pictures.

This is a view on my way to one of my elementary schools. I thought it was lovely. Awww...

Walking home, I saw these political posters on somebody's wall. The party this poster is for had a scandal recently, where the head of the party's aide (I think) took bribes from a construction company. It dealt a serious blow, and put everyone in a tizzy because they already hate Taro Aso so much so now nobody knows what to do. But this party still won in the most recent local Tokyo election.

There was a party a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of foreigners. We couldn't find the beach where everyone was, but we found this really cool jetty type thing instead where we hung out.

Then we went to a Buddhist temple. This was outside a gift shop before the entrance. It says "Mystery Whale Treasure." I wanna know what it is though!

At the temple.

We went into the big statue thing and walked all the way up, and then had a nice view of the bay. There was this cool cave thing we could see. I really wanted to go, but there was no way to get there.

Last weekend there was a rockabilly night at one of the clubs. All the guys had Elvis hair and were wearing cheetah print or leather vests or bowling shirts. It was very strange. Even stranger was that there were tattoo stations, so you could just go get inked! This guy's looks pretty elaborate, so I'm guessing he's just having a session with his main guy or something, not an impulse one. It was a traditional style cat wearing clothes jumping. There were a lot of people covered all over, and my friend pointed out people he had met who he knew to be yakuza for sure.

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