Thursday, June 25, 2009


Bleargh. I have a cold, I think.

I went to the drug store by my bus stop and it was tiny and cramped and covered in dust. A little old lady with huge glasses sold me some yellow packets that look like crushed up tree bark inside. It tasted awful, but I looked up the main ingredient and it's basically tylenol. We'll see!

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Elizabeth Grojean said...

I had a cold too! It was from the nasty smog and air pollution mostly from cars but also dirt road dust that crapped up my lungs and throat. It was awful. But on the second day Greer made me some hot water with lime juice and it cured me! Try that if you have limes, it is super. I got a phone here and I can call the US for very cheap but I don´t think I can call Japan. However, the internet cafes ($1 per hr) have webcams and headsets if you want to chat. Love, Eliz