Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, Japan, what you put into your libraries...

So on a recent Saturday there was a sports tournament at the school. I had to go in and be there, because...I don't know why, but because I did. Naturally, I had a whole lot of free time on my hands that day, so I wandered over to the library and discovered it was unlocked! Yay! I spent a couple of hours in there, and not that I could read much of anything, there were a few books that had some very interesting material for me:

The first is a book that had some title along the lines of, "Why Can't America Get Over Its Militarism??" or something. I was a little bit offended, actually. Sorry the first picture is so blurry.

The left page is about Panama, the right about Iraq.

I don't know what this page says, but the skull was the narrator throughout the whole book.

This was a book about the various vices one may run into as a teenager.

This pink text says, "Sex is a thing that specially connects two people."

The yellow box has all the consequences of sex, such as STDs, babies, abortions, etc. I think the lower part says something about not letting desire overtake you, and to recognize its something special, and don't be a consumer of it...or something.

Very next page: Don't be a child prostitute!

Next book: same thing. Don't join phone sex clubs. It will force you to have to go to the gynecologist to fix all your STDs and fetuses.

This guy is saying, "Wow, you're cute! Do you want to be a model?"

Now onto the drugs. My library was sadly lacking in this area. How boring.

"If you take drugs, you WILL have dreadful demons."

But! They did have a lot of books on poo. I only took pictures of a couple. They were gross.

Here is a book on the history of toilets.

See the pretty refined lady so properly embarrassed in front of her servant.

And in ancient Rome, male bonding. The next page showed the medieval times, and how private stalls were being put into use.

Ok, this is gross. It's telling you what the color of your poo says about your diet.

Eat more rice!

"It's normal to expel one liter of unscented gas every day."

Ugh. The bottom left is what got me.

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