Friday, December 26, 2008

In which we waste time and money

Richard got here a few days ago. Yay!!! I'm happy.

Yesterday, because Rylan and his family were at Tsuru no Yu (which looks old and decrepit in the pictures but is actually really awesome because you can sit in little itty bitty tiny wooden rooms with a small bath as shown in the pictures so only a few people fit in at once which makes it nice and lovely and skinship-y) Richard and I were planning on going too. But because we had gone out the night before so we (I) were not feeling so hot, it took us a long time to get out of the house. So we went and got pasta, then went to the station, then took a train two hours later than we were planning on, then got to Akita, which is the next prefecture over, and then we bought our bus tickets, and then were at the bus stop and then Richard called them to make sure we could get in, and they said 'sorry not after 3'. Bitches. So then we considered getting a room but it was $80 a person for a room without a toilet, and I hadn't turned my water off (I didn't want any more adventures with that) so we got some ramen and turned around and went right back home. Boo. What a waste of....about 5 hours. Not to mention money. We were very very sad.

So then today was Christmas, and I called my family this morning on Skype to arrange to call them later on Skype, and talked to them for a long time so that I could talk to them a long time later, and then Richard called his family, and then Richard made us breakfast of eggs and English muffins and yogurt, and then I made coffee and did the dishes, and then we sat around some more, and then we went to Rylan's birthday party at the beer pub. I had to sit next to the crazy neighbor lady again who rubbed my collarbone and poked me in the eyeball a lot last time, and she kept on asking me to translate everything everyone was saying at the other end of the table so then I would have to stop the conversation I wanted to be involved in to tell her what was going on even though I would have much rather been contributing to the conversation to bah. I like her but she is so high maintenance.

By the way, the postman woke us up two days in a row. What are we going to do when I don't have a package coming? Oh no!

Tomorrow we think we are going to the petting zoo. Yay.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Wish you were here with us. We toasted to you tonight.

Love you,