Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I've been taking notes on some of the funny stuff I hear at school. Most of this is not nearly as funny as anything else you'd be able to find on the internet, because that's infinite and this is just my own experience. But whenever I hear these I just want to burst out laughing because for me, this is real life.

First, you have the kids who just don't know what you're saying at all.
--Me: What's your favorite subject?
Kid: I have rice and miso soup.

Then you have weird phrases that they must have picked up who knows where.
--"Welcome to restaurant." (Instead of 'hello' when he saw me in the hallway.)
--"Best-o advertisement!" (In the middle of class without any prompting, interrupting the lesson.)

Then you have kids that know they're being funny.
--"I'm okay です." (I'm okay + Japanese 'is')
--Me: Do you ride your bike to school?
Kid: I helicopter to school!!
--Me: What's your favorite season?
Kid: うんこ!("Poop!")

Usually half the stuff in any given day is said by the same 9th grade boy, so he and I have gotten to be good friends, because he says ridiculous stuff and I give him funny looks. Or else he acts up and class and I'm torn between telling him to shut up so the teacher doesn't get mad or to laugh and make it worse. Today on his worksheet he saw the word ALT and asked the teacher what it meant:
[Sensei, what does ALT mean?]
[That's what Kim-san is.]
[American Large Teacher?]
[ughh..., Assistant Language Teacher! Do your work!]

It was really funny.

Also, I was grading some vocab quizzes today and their answers were hilarious. When they didn't know what something meant, they would just take a wild guess.

Need -> Hope
Morning -> Hallo
Enjoy -> Lucky
(Hallo? What the heck?)
The ones that got perfect scores I put on fun happy American stickers, but there were only a couple.

I get really sad when something funny happens in class and I have to wait until I get back to my desk to write it down because by then I've forgotten it already and that happens 90% of the time.

Although it's so much easier to remember the stuff that annoys me, and I have a few pages of that in my notebook that I use to vent after class, but that's for another post.

I'm going to Tokyo again this weekend, just for the fun of it! Don't know where I'm sleeping yet! Ohh, boy...!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kimberly. Really love your blog. Did you see Yuki in Morioka, or your host family? Did it look different to you from the last time you were there? I found your autograph the other day that you wrote the last time you visited Lafayette. Mawmaw sends her love; she was sick for a while, but seems to be getting better. I don't write here more often because I feel funny writing on a blog! I really miss you. Love you, Mommy