Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Pictures

So I haven't given you any pictures in a while. Because I felt bad, here are a few. Most are from my cell phone:

There are three rocks by my house which are what Iwate is supposed to be named after. Something about a devil. Anyways, here's a picture of them. These things are really big. They looked like they could be over two stories high. (The second picture was taken from about 50 feet away.) There was also money in the cracks.

This is from the bridge going to my house to the station. Pretty pretty mountain! Oh, how I loath climbing you.

A picture of kids playing the drums at the Bunkasai. Aww, how traditional! Maybe we should give American kids banjos.

I haven't put many pictures of my school up because 1) I don't want to walk around with a camera taking pictures at weird times and 2) I don't know the protocol for putting of pictures of kids without their parent's permission. I remember all that crazy paperwork from when I was in high school that we had to sign if we wanted a picture of us on the school webpage and I think that even if it does seem inane, it must be there for the parents. Maybe some of them are in the witness protection program? haha. But you can't even see these, so there.

Drinking coffee in the park before going to an elementary school. I was super super stressed this day. It seems like I always have elementary school visits when there's a whole bunch going on.

My friend's kid. Now I know he's not in the witness protection program. This kid was hilarious, though. He kept on grabbing on peoples' titties. Tee-hee!

This is from the bridge on the way to my house from the bus stop. It was all neon and glowy. At 5 PM. It was actually kind've orange.

Here's what I had for dinner tonight! Whooo, exciting! But I was actually pretty proud of myself because it's a full three course meal, if you count those as full courses. But each one has lots and lots of ingredients. Go me! I did work!

Right now the only sound I can hear is the vent from my shower where I'm drying a bunch of my clothes. Today and yesterday were laundry days. I've been going shopping a lot, so now my closet is getting pretty full, which is really fun in a girly way. Actually I'm probably doing more retail therapy than I should be, but it is also necessary because I couldn't take that much in my suitcases. At least that's my story. Anyways, I went to the mall three times last week, each time with a different person. Haha!


Elizabeth said...

your food looks yummy!! Good job!

nadyac said...

yeah that food looks good! Sounds like your having fun! You can never have too much retail therapy honey after all you are a woman!!! Those were some huge rocks! Did that little kid try to grap your boobs?? hahaha naughty boy!

Kimberlina!! said...

Yes, yes he did try to grab my boobs. But he was closer to someone else's most of the time, so she got the brunt of it.