Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday night

And I'm updating my blog. Actually, I have Bunkasai tomorrow, which is the school festival. Apparently it's not the kind where they have cotton candy and throw a ball to dunk the 8th grader, but more of listening to sentimental speeches and looking at projects kids have made. But I don't really know yet. We'll see.

I'll have to work through Saturday and Sunday, but then I'll have Monday and Tuesday off. So my weekend is bumped up a little bit. I still went out tonight though. Just a little.

Next weekend I have a date!! Yay! Taco Stand Man has a friend that's really cute, and a bunch of us are going out. But that's still a whiles away.

Today at school one of the 7th graders asked me to be his girlfriend. I said thanks but no thanks. I don't think the board of education would like that very much.

Yesterday some of the 7th graders asked for my autograph, which I thought was very strange, and told them so too. That's normally what elementary school students do to me, and even then it's strange! It's like, just because I'm from another country you want to remember me forever and maybe sell some memorabilia on eBay or something? What? But I've been at the school for like two months now, but whatever. If they want me to sign my name on a piece of paper, fine with me. I'll just think they're weird, is all.

Tonight Rylan and I were standing on the corner coming back from a bar and we heard a small voice behind us say [Foreigners!!] and we both turned around and it was a couple of moms and their kids and the kids got really embarrassed that we had heard and tried to hide under the moms' skirts but we just talked to them anyways and it was really funny.

Sorry these are so sparse lately. I guess for me I'm used to everything now, so I don't know what is interesting to talk about and what's not. But I'm not the one reading it. I'll try to do better. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbo, thanks for keeping us all posted and for sharing what's going on. Sounds like everything is going pretty good now that you're a celeb :) I want you autograph too ....:) Missing you bunches. Sailing in Maine was a lot of fun and very relaxing for us. We were on the boat for 3 1/2 days, and had a great time. There were only 5 guests and 4 crew so we weren't crowded. Maine is so beautiful and the weather was great, cool and clear. We even were cold a few time. Love and kisses... Dad

Vanessa Rogers said...

I think the autograph is kind of funny too, but it happened to us in Chile. The kids always asked for our autographs and email address, not that I ever received an email. Funny that they seem to do that across the world. Silly kids.