Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Earlier today my neck and head hurt so bad I felt dizzy as I was riding my bike home, and kept on almost running into people. Then I came home and put a hot washcloth on my neck and took a nap, but when I woke up it was worse and I I felt like vomiting.

I still had to make dinner because I bought fish on sale, even though I would have much rather eaten something out of a box while lying down, (or else something prepared by a servant so I wouldn't have to do anything) so I did that and choked down my food. Then the pain went away!! And now I'm eating Haagen-Dazs, so it's all good. In a little bit I'm going to take a shower and hopefully that'll make it the rest of the way better.

Today I saw Junka and she waved at me all happy like, so that seems to be alright.

I have a wish list!!!!!
-Fun stickers
-Fun stamps, preferably the self-inking kind
-American candy, but I already have chocolate. A teacher and I were talking today, and it really is famous how sweet American candy is. They almost can't eat it. I think it would be hilarious to give it to people and see their reactions. Plus, you know, American culture or something
-Fun kids books
-Advil!!! It has been insinuated that Japanese medicines are different and wouldn't necessarily work, and I couldn't find Ibuprofen in the dictionary.

Boo, now my ice cream is gone and I have to do the dishes.

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J-Gro said...

Neck pain & dizziness sounds scary. I guess it went away so you're ok, but here are the symptoms of meningitis:
Headache,? Any of the following: severe pain/nausea or vomiting/confusion. Any of the following: Fever over 100, increased pain when you bend your head forward, stiff neck, blurred or double vision. I know you probably don't have meningitis, but still your post sounded scary!