Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The other day I was in class talking to the seventh grade English teacher. The kids were doing their work, and I was explaining the difference between "I have English on Monday," "I have English on Mondays," and "I have English every Monday." I explained, he got it, and then the girl that we were standing next to looked up and said that our conversation sounded like "NEENERRNEENERRNERNERNER." Is that what English sounds like? Hrm. Japanese sounds like "clipityclopitydoo" But they're both strange.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbo,
I really like you blog!! I've just got back from Montana (11 days on motorcycle) and haven't been keeping up :(. But I like how you write and all the details.... missing you a lot and glad to be home. love
love, dad, xoxox

J-Gro said...

haha that was funny

Kimberlina!! said...

montana?! I thought after DC you swore not to do another one of those again!