Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My elbow hurts

Dum dee dum...

I feel like not a lot has gone on, but I guess it must have been, since that is the natural order of things. Look at me, sounding all faux philosophical. Didn't mean to.

Today I've had just about no sense of time, because I slept in until two, and it was a holiday, which is weird considering it's a Tuesday. I kept on wondering what day it was because it didn't feel like Saturday or Sunday, then remembered what day it was, and then had a small pang of panic because it was so odd to be at home in the middle of the week.

Last night I went out with Dan and Rylan, as usual, but we also went with some new people. There was the girl that worked at the taco shack, her boyfriend, and a couple of the regular customers that are there a lot when we go. Dan is having a birthday party at Rylan's house this Friday and they're all going to try to come.

This morning I was sooo lazy. I woke up early to finish a project I'd been working on that was due (sounds so fancy, right? not really) and then went back to bed until 2, woke up and read the paper, and got dressed at about 7 to go to dinner with Taco Girl. But, I now have a newspaper subscription!! I'm so excited! It's a small paper, only like 30 pages, which surprised me because it's the International Herald Tribune (with a section of translated Japanese paper) and so I expected it to be bigger, but it's ok because I'd probably get bored anyways. But I'm so excited, I feel like I want to sit at a fancy dining room table with a cup of coffee and intellectual looking glasses and read the paper before going to work. Just, I don't have a table. There's no room for one. So...yeah.

A few weeks ago, I made an excel spreadsheet to track my expenses. But then I ran out of time to put in all of my receipts, and now I'm sad that my system had already failed, because I won't be able to track trends if there's missing information.

Umm, that was a boring paragraph. Sorry.

I'm going to bed.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

Why does your elbow hurt?