Thursday, August 28, 2008

My schedule, for those of you who are curious

Oh my gosh you guys are right. I don't know how I have time to post. I'm so busy!!!

Yesterday was really bad. On the way to school I stopped and got a donut for breakfast, and was going to bring it into the teachers room to eat with a cup of coffee, but instead of having a morning meeting at 8 plus some free time, everyone had to go to this stupid awards ceremony for an athletic meet that took forever. Then it ran late, and cut into first period, and so I had to rush off to that. I had a break during third period, but I had to go to the bank to pay my rent, since I had been carrying around all this cash with me which made me nervous. So my teacher took me to show me how to do that. Then as soon as I got back I went to another class, then it was lunch with the kids, and then it was supposed to be mid-day break. BUT! At the bank I asked the guy if I should use the Japanese phonetic script or Roman letters to fill out my name, and he said whichever is fine, so I used the Japanese ones. But apparently I was supposed to use Roman, and so I had to go back just to fill out the form again. I don't know why they couldn't have just made a note on it. Then I had class again. After that class I had my first glass of water since waking up! I hadn't even hadt time to have a glass of water!!! That's too much, thats worker abuse, if you ask me. Kinda. But I was so tired! Then off to go watch cheer practice, then tutor kids with their speech contest, then at 5 I ran errands and went home.

TODAY was pretty busy too. I don't know why, but for some reason I was super super tired, like in that dream state where your stomach hurts. I was hoping that I didn't have a class every period, but I had 8th graders the first three periods, then I thought I would have fourth period off, but I had to go to the 7th grade class. I made a lot of mistakes and even sat down for some of it while I watched kids recite skits. I skipped out of watching cheer practice, but speech practice went over, and I left at 5:45 (even though my contract says I have to leave at 4:00, the kids are busy until then for me to help them with their speeches, so I've been working late every day since I started! Boo. I should do something about that.) I went shopping afterwords because I have really been meaning to get some work clothes like whoah, so I did that, then went to the stationary store and spent way too much money, then stopped by the bakery, and got home at 8.

Tomorrow I have to visit an elementary school, and I should prepare for that but even though its only 8:45 and I haven't eaten dinner yet, all I want to do is sleeeeeep.

So, yes, you guys are right, I am very busy. Ugh.


J-Gro said...

Holy crap. Hopefully it will calm down! You definitely should set the limits for how much you're willing to take!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I agree, don't get burned out so quickly. They can take advantage easily, set limits.

applesandbananas said...

When can you talk on Skype again? Do you have any time this weekend?? Jessica is in town and she would like to see you and your place :) Let me know if you have time...

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, thanks for calling! It was so good hearing your voice. Sorry I had to get off but I missed two calls. Next time you call I'll transfer you to another phone and ask the intern to answer the main phone.

Wow! I'm exhausted just listening to your schedule. You need extra rest just because everything is new and that makes you tired too! Plus, just being with people all day makes me tired because I need to be by myself to recharge. Maybe you can have some periods off or something since you need to stay late.

What is Skype??