Sunday, August 24, 2008

Museum and Other Stuff

So here are some pictures from the museum.

Here is a lovely little vase, from the Jomon period, which was basically everything before Jesus. Kinda.

This is a statue of a nobleman in ceremonial dress from the 6th century. I think he looks like a funny little elf.

Hooray samurai!! I like his shoes.

And, yeah. Basically the museum was really cool, but full of stuff you would expect to find in a museum, so there really wasn't anything new. But those were some of my favorites.

My first week at school went really well. The kids are all really funny, and there's this one kid who every time he sees me, says "You are skirt---CUUTE!" even if I'm wearing pants. I try to correct his grammar or ask what he means. I dunno. He's rather eccentric.

Also, now the whole school knows about my whole family. At every first class I went to, I would do a ten minute introduction, and the fam became the easiest subject matter. So then the teachers afterwards would quiz them on it, like "How old is Jennifer?" "What is Peter's hobby?" "Where does Nancy work?" One time when they asked where Jennifer worked, some kid yelled out "Mafia!" and everyone laughed. Also one kid yelled out that he had met her. you haven't! When I passed around the pictures everyone was amazed. "Ohmigod they're SO pretty!!!" "Wha- no way! So cute!" So everyone of my classes was completely hilarious because basically I was teaching them about myself. And I thought it was funny they were being quizzed on real people instead of a random story they had read. Also the teachers must be talking about them because I went out to dinner with them on Wednesday and the PE teacher kept on asking all the follow up questions about my speeches, and I was kinda like "where did you get that info from anyways?"

Right now I'm watching some rope dancing on the Olympics. This is the first actual segment of the Olympics I've seen so far, and they're almost over. Every time I try to watch, it's always some talk show interviewing the athletes, or replays of the events in which Japanese athletes won gold, and so it's been the same this whole time. I was beginning to think they only thing this country knew about the Olympics is when they win gold. I've asked someone about it before and they said that they aired the actual Olympics, but I just found it now! But I still think a lot of interesting stuff is cut out when they show the same judo event for a week straight.

Also, I want all of you to admire the first dinner I cooked here about a week ago. It's grilled salmon with grated daikon on top, some seaweed, rice, and Japanese Sunny Delight. Mmmm.


applesandbananas said...

your food looks yummy... it's my lunch time...

Kim said...

i have a habit of overcooking everything just because i'm terrified of undercooked fish. so it tastes like burn and soy sauce. but it's still yummy! last night i made fried rice...yumm!