Sunday, August 17, 2008

I got back from Tokyo this morning. I can't believe last night I was with Kirby and Kana and James and everybody! And now I'm not... :( Anyways, I slept most of the day because it's kinda hard to sleep on a bus, and now I feel all groggy. But I'll update on it tomorrow, hopefully.

Also, I don't think you guys need to sign up for a Blogger account to comment. You should be able to do it without having to log in to anything, by clicking in the dot that says Anonymous. Or you can use your Google account. Or you could sign up for a Blogger account if you really want to, it just sounds like more passwords to remember. Whateva.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbo, it's me you father :). Just checking this out to see if it works... This is a great way to stay in touch. It raining right now and that's a good thing. Had a great weekend. Just fiddled and rode and drank too much at Elizabeth's party :( Daddy didn't feel well the next day. love

Kim said...

haha you should try waking up hungover in the middle of the night on a bus. well, i'm sure you've had worse, actually. hope it wasn't that bad!!