Sunday, September 03, 2006

Internet access is sporadic. In houses, they pay by the amount of data sent or received, so I don`t want to ask if I can use the internet there. Anyways, here are some pictures.

Skip and Ian at the city hall applying for alien registration cards. It was really hot in that building; hardly anywhere uses air conditioning.

A view of the town as taken from the balcony of Earlham House. It`s pretty close to campus.

This is looking up from inside the elevator in AIINA, the public libary. The whole building is glass and metal. Mizuo (Akiko`s husband) says it must have been built in the bubble.

Here is the famous Rock-Splitting Cherry Tree in front of the Prefectural Office. It`s four to five hundred years old, and grew out a crack in the rock. Very impressive.

More soon. I have to go meet a friend to study.

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Anonymous said...

Kimberly, this is really great! I love the pics. Is it terribly expensive to post these? Amazing tree.

It all sounds great. I'll look at this everyday. Mommy